Frequently Asked Questions

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  • When IQ was established and what was the economic rationale of forming the company?

    IQ was established by Father Emir His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani on the 19th of April 2003 to fulfill two key macro-economic objectives, namely consolidate and manage a central component of State of Qatar’s economic diversification of the value added chain (downstream sector) and to serve as a mechanism to distribute wealth to Qatari nationals.

    Over a decade of operation, IQ was able to fulfil both of these mandates satisfactorily with an investment in excess of QR 26 billion in downstream assets, resulting in a significant boost to State's industrial development with increased production and sellable capacity, employment, technology advancements, and emergence new products, and distribution of dividends in excess of QR 44 billion together with issuances of additional bonus shares.

  • What is the current shareholding structure of the company?

    QatarEnergy is the major shareholder owning 51% of the issued capital. The rest of issued capital is held by domestic and international institutional investors, high network individuals and retailers.

  • What are the portfolio companies within the group and what are the major segments in which the group operates?

    IQ has control / joint controls over four large downstream entities operating in the State of Qatar. Through these entities IQ operates in 3 distinct segments – namely petrochemicals, fertiliser, and steel. The four major downstream entities on which IQ has control / joint control are:

    • Qatar Petrochemicals Company (QAPCO) – a producer of poly-olefins (ethylene) and poly-ethylene (LDPE and LLDPE);
    • Qatar Fuel Additive Company (QAFAC) – a producer of fuel additives including methanol and MTBE;
    • Qatar Fertiliser Company (QAFCO): a producer of nitrogen fertiliser including ammonia and urea;
    • Qatar Steel Company: a producer of long steel.
    Please refer to the “group companies” section for additional details.
  • Can you please provide the details of the Board of Directors?
    Please refer to the “Board of Directors” section for further details.
  • How IQ’s products are marketed and what are large markets for IQ’s products? Are the products sold on “spot” contracts or “long-term” contracts?

    Group’s petrochemical and fertiliser products are exclusively marketed by a wholly owned subsidiary of the State of Qatar, Qatar Chemical and Petrochemical Marketing and Distribution Company Q.J.S.C. (trading as “Muntajat”). Steel products are directly sold by the steel producer Qatar Steel Company.

    Group’s petrochemicals and fertiliser products primarily sold in the Middle East, Asia, the Far-East and the Americas. Steel products are predominantly sold in the GCC region with a strong presence in Qatar. Products are mostly sold in the spot market with few exceptions.

  • What is IQ’s Dividend Policy?

    As a holding company of some large downstream entities, our cash flows are pretty much linked to global economic performance and business cycles.

    Nevertheless the Board always adopt a rational dividend payout practice that balances the needs and aspirations of shareholders with the necessity of maintaining adequate liquidity within the group for actual and potential investment requirements, and unexpected adverse trading conditions and the principles of financial prudence.

  • What were the dividends and EPS for the last few years?

    Please refer to the “investor relations” section.

  • How can shareholders collect their dividends if they have lost their old dividend cheque?

    Shareholders who have not yet claimed their dividends for the years from 2003 until now should go to any branch of Qatar National bank along with their ID.

  • How frequent do you maintain your plants? What are the risks associated with your maintenance program?

    The group’s production facilities are on regular (preventive) maintenance in order to ensure product quality is maintained and, ultimately, contribute to extending plants’ production life, improved reliability and decrease environmental impact. The maintenance cycle depends on the age of the plants, the criticality of plant’s operations and the time of maintaining Qatar’s upstream sector.

  • How can I buy IQ shares?

    IQ’s shares are traded in Qatar Exchange ( In order to transact in IQ’s share, you will have to register with a broker who is registered with Qatar Exchange. The broker will place orders on-behalf of you, and the settlement will be made through the exchange. The broker will charge a commission for their services.

    There are number of sources which can be utilized to monitor the performance of your portfolio. These include Qatar Exchange website, android / apple applications for Qatar Exchange and other tailor made software developed by the brokerage houses.

    Please refer to the link below for further details:

  • What is the Zakat payable on the owned shares?

    The details ruling on Zakat related to share ownership can be found in the Zakat fund (

  • What is the dividend Purification ratio?

    The details ruling on Zakat related to share ownership can be found in the Zakat fund (

  • Where can I find the latest financial results?

    Financial results could be found in financial performance section of the website.

    Please refer to the “financial performance” section.
  • Where can I obtain Industries Qatar's annual report?

    The annual reports could be found in “publications” section of the website.

    Please refer to the “publications” section.
  • When is the General Assembly Meeting usually held?

    The Annual General Assembly Meeting is usually held during the first quarter of the following year. Dates are usually announced in the newspapers.

  • Are there any taxes on profits or bonus shares?

    At the company level, there is no tax liability arises on the bonus shares as they are paid out of retained earnings. Regarding the personal tax position, you have to refer your queries to the Public Revenue and Tax Department (known as “PRTD”);

  • Does the Company give cash dividends or bonus shares?

    Decision regarding the distribution of dividends are made by the Board of Directors. In most cases, dividend distribution comes in the form of cash. In the past, 10% bonus shares have been issued twice.

  • What was the profit proportion during previous years?

    The details of the profits earned in the past years can be found in the “financial performance” section of the website.

    Please refer to the “financial performance” section.
  • Where is the headquarters of Industries Qatar?

    Floor no. 42,

    Qatar Petroleum Headquarters,

    World Trade Center, West Bay, Doha,

    State of Qatar.

  • What are the contact details of Industries Qatar?


    Tel:(+974) 4013-2080

    Fax: (+974) 4013-9750